Why do international students study at THIM University?

  • THIM is a reputable and accredited university, catering specifically to the field of physiotherapy

  • We have over forty years of experience in educating physiotherapists

  • We offer small-scale programmes, with plenty of personal attention

  • You can complete the final year of your BSc programme (work placements and thesis) in your home country

  • We offer a challenging curriculum, with additional options, such as language classes, to broaden or deepen your knowledge and skills

  • THIM is renowned for having enterprising and innovative programmes

  • Our BSc programmes are taught in English or Dutch

  • We’re located near Utrecht, a bustling university town in the heart of the Netherlands

  • THIM offers student residences and support for practical matters


THIM's BSc programme in Physiotherapy has been recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science for over forty years and is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). THIM’s alumni are known for their clinical aptitude and entrepreneurial spirit and can be found all over the world. Both in the Netherlands and abroad our alumni often hold an executive position.


THIM is one of only eleven universities offering a BSc in physiotherapy in the Netherlands. We are a valued partner of the national consultative platform of physiotherapy programmes in the Netherlands. As part of this platform, the school makes frequent contributions to development and information projects. THIM also has close ties with the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF) and representatives from healthcare insurers.


At THIM we believe international cooperation benefits the quality of physiotherapy. That’s why we are an active member of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE). As such we participate in the development of a European framework for physiotherapy and education. Since 1990 THIM University has a branch in Switzerland, which caters mainly to Swiss and Austrian students. Classes are German-spoken and our alumni form a solid network in the region. They are valued for their clinical expertise and their spirit of enterprise. We also have a partnership with multiple German schools. Together we offer a unique pre-Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s programme to German physiotherapists, who want to increase their educational level. Over the past decade this programme has been very successful.


The THIM faculty is composed of passionate, experienced professionals. Over seventy percent of our faculty members holds a Master’s or Doctoral degree. Many of them combine their teaching with a clinical position in the field. We are proud to report that many of our staff commit themselves to THIM for extensive periods of time. Their loyalty means we can guarantee a continuous educational and clinical quality.


We want our students to feel at home on campus. That’s why we have modern buildings, with bright and spacious classrooms. Because THIM specialises in physiotherapy our facilities are specifically designed for this purpose. Our study and practice centre sports a fully equipped gym, a library and all the necessary equipment to study the theory and practice your clinical skills. During your breaks you can relax indoors or outdoors. Our two lounges offer a variety of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


THIM is a private school. You will be taught in small groups of around 24 students. You will also have a set timetable for the whole academic year and 3 or 4 set lecturers for each period. We feel it is important that you feel at home, so we aim to keep the distance between you, the teaching staff and the management of our Physiotherapy programme as small as possible. This will give you the chance to build strong relationships. Our teaching material is up to date and in line with the latest international developments in the physiotherapy profession. Our method does not include resits; instead, we use a compensation model. Neither do we set multiple-choice questions, and only hand-in assignments are completed in groups.


Intensive personal supervision is one of our main pillars. This supervision starts from the moment you decide to enrol. We invite you for a personal (e-)intake interview and a guided tour. Following this interview and an assessment of your prior education, you can start the recognised Bachelor's degree programme in Physiotherapy.
As a student, you may come up against unexpected problems. You may need someone to listen, someone to offer advice and guidance. We will be there to discuss any situations with you and seek a solution together.


What makes the THIM BSc Physiotherapy programme so unique is that we also supervise self-study. We provide all the materials and facilities you need at our special Archimedes study and practise centre. You can use the facilities here 24/7 for individual and group study and practice. On Monday to Saturday there is also always a member of teaching staff present.


Would you like to know more? Read all about our full-time programme, make an appointment for an intake interview or enrol now in our Bachelor's degree programme in Physiotherapy. You can also submit a question.