Lectorate Innovation in Physiotherapy

Dr. Petra Siemonsma (PhD in rehabilitation medicine) was appointed as lector Innovation in Physiotherapy in September 2015 at THIM University. She has ample experience in research (TNO Life Style (NL), UMC Utrecht (NL), Nottingham Stroke Research Unit (UK)) and a thorough clinical experience in rehabilitation (Reade Rehabilitation Centre (NL), University Medical Centre Utrecht (NL), primary care and rehabilitation facilities in Germany). Her expertise concerns the systematic integration of multidisciplinary (scientific) knowledge in clinical practice. Her drive is to carefully match scientific goals and clinical practice needs in order to mutually benefit.

Research focus

The lectorate's research is focused on two areas:
1) improvement and enhancement of the use of multidisciplinary knowledge in rehabilitation, especially the application of behavior change techniques and motor learning theories in clinical reasoning and rehabilitation practice
2) application and implementation of new and existing technologies as a means to improve the clinical rehabilitation practice and the daily life of patients.

This research is a joint venture involving both research and education, and involves the active participation of researchers, students and lecturers. Projects are formulated in active collaboration with clinicians, patients and partners from both science and technology.

Examples of current projects:
– The influence of fatigue on performance of arm movements on Armeo Spring in healthy subjects
– Validation of C-Mill measurements for balance and gait
– Development of a test battery for frail elderly including high-tech and low-tech test
– Developing a database for patient relevant home-based smartphone apps
– Evaluation of a 12-week physical intervention for elderly using Fitbit accelerometers