At THIM University of Applied Sciences you can do the four-year Bachelor's degree programme in Physiotherapy full-time. THIM offers the Bachelor's programme in both Dutch and English.

The Physiotherapy degree programme in a nutshell:

  • Set groups of around 24 students
  • Set timetable
  • A designated mentor for each group
  • Supervision for independent study
  • Digital learning environment
  • Compensation system for assessments
  • Guaranteed work placement
  • Option for fast-track study


THIM provides a structured curriculum under the supervision of experienced teaching staff. You will be taught in a small group of around 24 students. You will also have a set timetable for the whole academic year. Different themes are taught by just three or four lecturers in order to foster ties between our students and teaching staff. This intensive personal supervision is one of the main pillars of THIM's recognised Physiotherapy programme.


As a student in the recognised Physiotherapy degree programme you will have a set timetable. This timetable includes both physiotherapy classes and supervision for independent study. The set class times mean you know exactly what to expect, so you can easily balance your studies with a job and private life.


Of course, you will also need to study and practise on your own. THIM offers you lots of support with the right materials, sufficient facilities and committed teaching staff. The facilities in the Archimedes study and practise centre are available 24/7 for individual and group study. You can study and practise here independently, and on Monday to Saturday there is always a member of teaching staff present to answer any questions or see if you have mastered a particular skill.


Read all about our programme or submit a question. You can also make an appointment for an intake interview or enrol directly.