Partnership programme

Add perspective to your study and accelerate the programme

THIM offers a partnership programme in which you combine the study with one day per week in a physiotherapy practice. This adds perspective to the study, you can accelerate your programme and even lower your tuition fees.

How does it work?

THIM enters into a partnership agreement with a physiotherapy practice with the aim of offering both students and employees of the practice opportunities for education.

The partnership includes:
- discount for PTs on all continuing education at THIM ALP.
- A work placement for one student for one day a week, 40 weeks per year
- Opportunity to be an internship clinic for senior students, combined with the work placement.

The partnership agreement has a duration of one year and can be terminated by the clinic without any cause, taking into account the two-month notice period. The clinic pays a partnership fee to THIM.

Benefits for the clinic

The clinic will host a motivated working student for one day a week, who can be deployed for all kinds of work, that is related to the profession. For example, he or she can support in group lessons, help with desk work, administration, supervision of sports clubs, etc. Furthermore, the clinic has the opportunity to determine whether the student is a suitable candidate for a senior internship. All employees of the clinic can get a discount on continuing education and training via THIM ALP.

Benefits for the student and THIM

The student immediately starts with applying the knowledge he gained in his study. In addition, the student works on expanding his network, which could result in an internship or even a job. By participating in the partnership program, the student can accelerate his studies. He will also receive a discount on the tuition fee for the duration of the partnership.

With this programme, THIM offers students a new and challenging way to shape their study, which also increases the feasibility. With the programme, THIM maintains a strong relationship with the professional network, from which we receive information about the quality of education and students.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact us and make an appointment for an intake interview.