Study Physiotherapy in fulltime

We make you feel at home

We want you to feel at home at school and build a strong relationship with fellow students and teachers. We are convinced that this increases the enjoyment of the study and therefore the chance of success. With us you'll be recognized and you won't feel like one of the many. You are in a class of a maximum of 24 students, you have a fixed timetable and you have a mentor who teaches you at least one day a week and guides you throughout the entire academic year.

Extra support when needed

Not every student needs the same thing to achieve his or her final goal. Sometimes you need some extra support and we offer that in abundance. You have four days of class per week. We offer reinforcement classes in which you'll receive individual support for both theoretical and practical topics. You can also count on us if you suffer from e.g. dyslexia or ADHD.

Accelerate when possible

You can accelerate our four-year programme by six months or even a year. You can achieve this by applying for exemptions, but also by combining the minor programme with the classes of year 1 and 2. You can determine your optimal study process together with us during your intake interview.

Look across borders whenever possible

We are an international school and invite all our students to look across borders wherever possible. The international class has students from all over the world and classes in English. You can join the minor “Healthcare in an International Perspective”, which includes a four-week internship abroad. Senior internships of twenty weeks can be done either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Partnership programme when desired

In this unique programme you will, in addition to the regular education programme, work in a clinical practice for one day a week. This not only adds perspective to your study, you can also accelerate your study process and even reduce your study costs. Ideal for students who'd like to learn on the job and would like to have some financial support!


Click here for an overview of the study programme. If you have any questions, let us know during the intake interview.


As a Bachelor's student of Physiotherapy, you must have completed at least senior general secondary education (HAVO) or senior secondary vocational education (MBO level 4). These levels correspond with a European Qualification Framework’s (EQF) level 4. If you do not meet this educational entry requirement but are 21 years of age or older, you may be admitted on the basis of the '21+ test' (21+ toets).