Master Innovation in Rehabilitation

In healthcare and rehabilitation astonishing advances have been made in recent decades. There are many forces driving the need for innovation, such as the growth in demand for healthcare and the increasing prevalence of chronic disease. Going forward, the emphasis on innovation promises to accelerate rapidly and produce exponential change in important areas including prevention, more personalized care and technology-enabled care.

The healthcare professional of the future is comfortable using the latest technologies, adapts easily to change, anticipates new developments and even introduces innovations. The master's program Innovation in Rehabilitation is designed to educate innovative and socially engaged healthcare professionals.

Aims of the program

Graduates gain experience beyond their clinical expertise and become well-rounded professionally. They are able to step outside their current role and take on new developments, projects and jobs. They look to the future and motivate others to follow them. In order to achieve all this, the program distinguishes three key roles for the graduate:
1. The rehabilitation expert, who possesses advanced clinical skills and knowledge,
2. the innovator, who can use his advanced research skills to assess, introduce and implement new concepts and inventions into clinical practice, and
3. the entrepreneur, who can spot new trends, make informed decisions, get his ideas accross to various stakeholders and manage the implementation of changes.


THIM will present a request for accreditation to the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) in Q2 of 2018.


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