Program overview

Challenging program with plenty of support

THIM offers a small-scale, enterprising and, above all, practical program. You can complete the program in three or four years. THIM offers small groups, plenty of support and housing for international students. You can start working with real patients from the very first year and keep that up throughout the entire program. Internships can either be done in the Netherlands or abroad. You can schedule a non-binding (e-)intake, in which we can answer any questions.

THIM's full-time program is small scale and hands-on. We will train you to be an enterprising and forward-thinking physiotherapist.

Program overview
We will train you to become a physiotherapist in four years. During that period we offer eight modules. Each module has its own theme, where you learn all the theory and practice surrounding this theme. There are four fundamental modules, a minor program, an innovation project and two internship modules.

Module 1 - Physiotherapy assistant
You start with the physiotherapeutic basics. You study, for example, massaging, taping, conducting interviews and giving group training. You learn about the underlying theory, such as anatomy, pathology and physiology. After completing this module you could work in clinical practice under the supervision of a physiotherapist.
Module 2 - Musculoskeletal
This module teaches you to examine patients with various complaints of the musculoskeletal system, such as neck -, back -, shoulder - or knee complaints. After your examination, you’ll be able to give a substantiated physiotherapeutic diagnosis. You also learn how to set up and execute a treatment plan.
Module 3 - Rehabilitation
This module is all about neurological disorders. You’ll learn about patients with non-congenital brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and paraplegia. The focus is on the principle of “motor learning”, or how a sustainable change in motor skills can be achieved through practice.
Module 4 - Physiotherapeutic conduct
The emphasis is on integrated physiotherapeutic conduct. A professional communicates clearly, inspires, reaches substantiated decisions, treats effectively, evaluates and has an eye for the patient as a person. You’ll be taught about, for example, communication, psychology and clinical reasoning with complex physiotherapeutic patients.
Module 5 - Minor program
The minor program focuses on the current developments in healthcare. Therefore its content can change from year to year. At the moment, for example, technology in healthcare, prevention and lifestyle coaching, internationalization and healthcare management are hot items. In addition, we look at the well-known physiotherapeutic specialisations, such as manual therapy, sports physio and pediatric physio.
Module 6 - Research & Innovation
Physiotherapy is about more than patient care alone. Whether you set up your own clinic, are self-employed or work as an employee, you need to know what is happening in healthcare. What developments are taking place and where are the opportunities? How does the financing of healthcare work? Is this new treatment proven to be effective? During this module, you'll learn to answer these kinds of questions. On the basis of various assignments and master classes, you will learn more about evidence-based practice, innovation and implementation in healthcare.
Module 7 - Internship 1
In the final year of your studies you will do two internships of 20 weeks, either in the Netherlands or abroad. During your first senior internship you will put your acquired knowledge and skills into practice. You work with patients under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist. You also work on assignments. THIM can help you find a suitable internship. If you want to do your internships in the Netherlands, speaking Dutch is a must.
Module 8 - Internship 2
In the second senior internship you will develop into an independent healthcare professional. Your independence grows in working with patients. You prepare for testing and assignments. Together with your internship supervisor, we will monitor your progress in this crucial phase of your studies.

Graduate in three or four years
You can complete the Bachelor's program in three years, either by combining modules or requesting an exemption. You can combine the minor program with modules 2 to 4 and the innovation project with your internships. You can discuss your options with us during an (e-)intake.

Do you already have a Bachelor's or Master's degree? If so, you may be entitled to an exemption from the minor program. With an exemption you can accelerate your study program and reduce your study costs.

Small scale
We want you to feel at home on campus and build a strong relationship with fellow students and lecturers. We are convinced that this increases the enjoyment and motivation and therefore the chance of success. With us you won't feel like one of the many. You are in a class of a maximum of 24 students, you have a fixed timetable and you’ll be taught by a small group of lecturers.

Reinforcement education

Two full days a week we organize facultative reinforcement education. Theoretical and practical lecturers are available for you to answer individual questions. You can also practice with your group, and ask for instant feedback. If your class would like to have a more in-depth look at a subject, you can make an appointment for a tutoring session with a lecturer.

Extra support

Sometimes you need some extra support to reach your goals. THIM offers that support. Not only can you join our facultative reinforcement education, you can also count on us if you suffer from e.g. dyslexia or ADHD. At any time you can come and use our ALP Study- and Practice center.

Contact hours
Classes for full-time students take place from Monday to Thursday, from 9.30 to 15.30h. You'll have two days of practical classes and half a day of theory classes. Reinforcement education will be scheduled during two days a week. The minor program consists of two days of classes, the innovation project of one day of classes a week. The planning of the internships will be done in consultation with the internship address.

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